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NFL Docu-series

Demario's Devoted Dreamers

The Devoted Dreamers Documentary explores the lives of three young men who all have one goal: to make it to the NFL. And while their dream may seem farfetched, their hopes are hanging on the skills they learn through the Devoted Dreamers Academy. The academy, led by its founder Demario Davis, aims to prepare these men to be leaders on and off the gridiron because he understands better than most how one false move can sideline their career and life.

Episode 1 

In the premiere episode of 'Demario's Devoted Dreamers,' Demario Davis reflects on the pivotal moments from his youth that almost derailed his path to the NFL, along with the transformative instance that brought about a complete turnaround.

Episode 2

Demario Davis introduces us to three Devoted Dreamers' prospects hoping that the academy can lead to a career playing football.

Episode 3

The Devoted Dreamers Academy employs specialized metrics that gauge a candidate's HOPE score, enabling them to identify not only football prodigies but also the next generation's leaders. As the academy finalizes its selection process, Don, Devionne, and Tory are inspired by witnessing firsthand the vast array of opportunities that football can offer.

Episode 4

The Devoted Dreamers all-star team dominates competitions across the country, boosting Tory's stock while Don faces a position switch dilemma.

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