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Devoted Dreamers Academy


Devoted Dreamers Academy provides college prep education and business of sport experience labs for students in 8th grade through 12th grade.

About the After School program


Join Demario Davis and his academy team for an introduction to the business of the sports world. This highly engaging program will provide an opportunity for students to gain greater insights and experience into the world of sports both on and off the field.  


As part of the After School Program, Devoted Dreamers Academy offers a travel 7v7 football team where athletes will gain elite skills and strategy development to play at the highest level. Students are required to be enrolled in the after school program to try out for the team.


Devoted Dreamers Camp will provide students a three day, deep dive experience into the sports world both on and off the field. The camp will provide students with athletic skill development, business of sports experience labs.

NFL Docu-series: Demario's Devoted Dreamers

In 2013, All-pro linebacker Demario Davis started the Devoted Dreamers Foundation featuring an online school that gives students the opportunity to focus on sports year-round. Now, Davis is expanding those lessons of life and football in his adopted home of New Orleans. This is the journey of the Devoted Dreamers Academy transitioning from online to a classroom.


The Devoted Dreamers Foundation was founded in 2013 by Demario and Tamela Davis. Their goal was to enrich youth spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and in doing so helping them achieve their dreams. Over the years they have made a commitment to challenge societal and educational norms to positively impact the people that their foundation was created to serve. The passion and perseverance to this vision has brought the Devoted Dreamers Academy to life.

Imagine a school that was not just focused on the career of the athlete, but a school that was focused on the careers around the athlete such as athletic trainers, financial advisors, sports agents, general managers, sports equipment engineers, and much more.” This is the vision for the Devoted Dreamers Academy.

The Devoted Dreamers Academy will focus on the individual learner. We will take the time to learn your student’s learning styles, their strengths and limitations, their passions and pursuits. Our commitment is to build the education to fit the unique needs of your student.

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